MARS TRADERS is in the business of Textile Lab equipment's sales in Pakistan, we represent internationally renowned Manufacturers through this or our sister concerns. We have made good in roads in the textile industry. We have built a strong network through out the Pakistan and established a well qualified and experienced team of Engineers for installation commissioning and After Sale Service.

We represent Chinese, UK, USA, Croatia, Australian and Italian Manufacturers. We deal in Textile lab Equipment, all kind of Textile Testing Equipments used for AATCC, ASTM, M&S, ISO. Xenon Light Fastness Tester for AATCC 16 E, (new option 3) and ISO recommended methods. We also supply Hospital Furniture, Hospital monitoring and laboratory equipmentstems.

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Our major objective is to explore market potential in our country. In the current tough competitive scenario we aim to offer comparatively economical, highly productive and Rigged Equipment. Best equipment for Force, torque, thickness etc. with a big Variety from UK, USA, Australia and China.

It is our keen desire to promote business valuations and supply the items of your interest. We assure you of our best services and prompt business response at all times. We offer a range of nice and famous Textile Lab, Force & Torque and Measurement, butter / margarine filling packing machines

MARS TRADERS mainly addresses all problems you face when importing from overseas and provides you the information you need to plan your Equipment/ Machinery around the globe

contact: sales@marstraders.com


Mars Traders is part of the network of calibration laboratories that provides traceable calibration certificates across a wide range of test and measurement equipment. Although we predominantly calibrate Textile laboratory instruments but we have the facilities and contacts to offer calibration over a much wider selection of devices.


INSTRUMENT RE CALIBRATION SERVICES Most calibrations need to be done every year as part of your auditable procedures. We offer calibration at site on a wide range of instruments, even those not sold by ourselves. All of our calibration certificates are supplied with a set number of calibration points and a standard set of values.

contact: sales@marstraders.com



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