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  • Digital Thermostatic Water Bath $0.00

    Our Thermostatic Water Bath are very precise long life warranted for one full year

    widely used in the distillation, dry, concentration and thermostatic heating the test pieces in medical care units, colleges and universities, science and research etc.
    .The surface is made of coated steel.
    The inner bladder and the upper cover is made of stainless steel,
    It resists corrosion strongly
    There are hand pointer and digital display meters.
    It has advantages of high precision in controlling.
    Available in 4 Holes, 6 hols and 8 hols.
    Temperature range: RT+10-105(℃)
    Temperature uniformity: ≤±1(℃).
    Tolerance of display: ≤±2(℃)
    Workroom Sizees: 325x330x90, 480x330x90, 650x330x90)
    Power: 1000 1500 2000
    Voltage: 220V/50Hz(v)

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