26B Tumble Dryer Micro computer control

It is used for the test for drying process and the drying procedures needed by other textiles ,which are prescribed in the standard textiles.

Standard: BS EN ISO 6330-2012, AATCC 135, NEXT standards

Quality steel with hot coatings as outer shell, and drum is made of stainless steel.
The new impact design ensures silent running and safe operation.
Micro computer control drying temperature, automatic cooling before drying finished.
Digital electricity, hardware control, strong anti-interference ability.
With door open protection.
Drying time can be random selected.
Max loading capacity can reach 15kgs (rated 10kgs).
Technical Parameter:
Type: front-loading, horizontal drum
Rated specimen drying: 10kg
Drying time: room temperature-80℃
Drum diameter: 695mm
Drum depth: 435mm
Drum volume: 165L
Drum speed: 50 r/min
Lifting vanes number: 3 pcs, 120 ° between each one
Power: 220V, 50Hz, 5.5KW
Dimension: 785×960×1365mm
Weight: 100kgs

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