Automatic Fabric Shrinkage Tester (ISO-6330-2012)

This Fabric shrinkage tester is used for testing the shrinkage and relaxation after washing of various textiles such as cotton, wool, silk, linen, chemical fiber, knitwear, costume etc. It is fit for the factory and testing center with the long-term test.

  Standards:ISO-6330-2012, ISO 5077, IWSTM31, BS4923, EN25077/26330, JISL1909, FZ/T70009.

 Features :

 The apparatus used are for industrial design, suit to the harsh long continuous testing requirements

Suspended inner canister exclusive used, smoothly operation without vibration

Include 12 groups washing programes, users can prepare 6 groups their own shrinkage procedures, and provide programs storage

Variable frequency control technology used, to protect the electrical safety and the smooth operation.

Large touch screen display, figures show clearly

Using high-precision pressure sensors, to ensure that accurate and reliable water level.

 Outside and inside fully use stainless steel.

Technical parameters:

Category Horizontal roller type, front door feeding mode
Inner layer roller Diameter : 520±1mm
Depth: 315±1mm
Inner & outer roller


Lift vane quantity 3 PCS 120° even distribution
Lift vane height 53mm±1mm
Rotation action Normal: clockwise rotation (12±0.1)S, stop (3±0.1)S
anticlockwise rotation (3±0.1)S, stop (12±0.1)S
Soft: clockwise rotation (3±0.1)S, stop (12±0.1)S
anticlockwise rotation (3±0.1)S, stop (12±0.1)S
Rotating speed Washing time: 52r.p.m
Spin : (500±20)r.p.m
Water level control Low level:10cm , High level:13cm
Fill water time < 2min (water in high level 13cm
Drainage duration < 1min (water in high level 13cm)
Setting range to

water temperature

Room temperature to 99℃ (accuracy: ±1℃)
Heating power 5.4kw
Washing capacity 5kg
External Dimensions 850mm×750mm×1200mm
Weight 140Kg
Power source Three-wire four-phase 380V±10% 50Hz

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