Automatic Fabric Stiffness Tester

Fabric Stiffness Tester is used for testing the stiffness of all kinds of..

woven and knit goods, nonwoven fabrics and coated fabrics, including cotton, wool, silk, linen and chemical fiber, and also of flexible materials such as paper, leather, film, etc.

Standard: ASTM D1388, IS09073-7, BS EN22313

Technical Parameter & Accessories:
1. Working pattern: Micro-computer controlled, infrared stealth slant detecting, liquid crystal display, printing out testing results
2. Measuring Point: 41. 5°, 43°, 45°
3. Extension elongation: 0.5-20.5cm
4. Testing accuracy: 0.01 cm
5. Specimen specification: 2.5×25 cm
6 Specimen pressing pushing speed: 0.1-5 mm/s
7. Has statistics function: average bending length in cm, average bending stiffness in, CV%
8. Power source: AC220V 50Hz
9. Dmension: 470×230×310mm;
10. Weight: 18kg

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