Chain Saw Cut Resistance Tester

This Apparatus is intended for testing resistance to cutting by a chain saw of personal protective equipment designed to protect against the risks arising from the use of hand-held chain saws.

Apparatus is made according to the requirements and apply for the tests according to the following standards:

EN 381-1 Protective clothing for users of hand-held chain saws – Part 1: Test rig for testing resistance to cutting by a chain saw

Operating principle:
The test rig has been designed to apply a moving chain saw to personal protective equipment in such a way that both the speed of chain and the amount of kinetic energy applied are controllable. At the moment of test the chain is not at the power (physically disconnected) and moves solely under the influence of its own momentum, together with that of a flywheel to which it is connected. The chain is than allowed to pivot down onto the test sample. The result of test is observation whether or not the sample shows a cut-through at given test speed.

Description of the device:
The device was made according to requirements of standard EN 381-1 with ability to adjust a test speed from 0 to 32 m/s and consists of digital speed display, digital timer (in sec/100) of measurement for free running stopping time, system for positioning adjustment of chain saw and lowest positioning safety stopper for test mount protection and protective cover with safety electronic system. The device also contains test mount for testing of leg protectors according EN 381-2 adjustable in 45° and 90° position, eight pieces of weights (250 g) for uniform tension of calibration pad/test sample, device for preparing sample before put on mount (for perforation hold for needles), distance plate for determination of distance between chain and test sample or calibration pad, one spare guide bar, chain and covering material (EVA foam).

Dimension: (L) 850 x (W) 650 x (H) 1250 mm;
Weight: 90 kg;
Power supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz;

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