Digital Melting Point Tester

The photoelectric automatic detection, lattice graphic LCD and key technology,

  has the melting curve automatic recording, initial melt, they fuse automatic   display function.
The temperature control system adopts precision platinum resistance as temperature detecting element,

  the application of digital PID control and PWM temperature control technology, improving the melting

  point measurement precision and reliability.
The instrument can automatically save work parameters and storage measurement results function,

  also can through the USB interface or RS232 interface and PC machine build a communication.

  The apparatus adopts pharmacopoeia prescribed capillary as sample tube.


Technical Features:
1. Melting point measurement range: room temperature to 400 °C
2. Initial temperature setting time: 50°C ~ 400 °C not more than 5 min
400°C to 50 °C is not more than 7 min
3. Minimum temperature display over-error: 0.1°C
4. Linear heating rate: 0.1°C –min 20.0°C / min, arbitrary continuous optional
5. Measurement melting point accuracy: 200°C or less: + / – 0.5 °C
200 °C or more: + / – 0.8°C
6. Repeatability: 0.3°C
7. Standard capillary size: outside diameter F 1.4 mm Inside F 1.0 mm
9. Power: 220 v ± 22 v, frequency 50 hz, 100 w
10.Dementions: (L X W X H) : 360 mm * 290 mm * 170 mm
11. Weight: 10 kg
12. Communication interface: USB and RS232 serial interface
Optional: PC, Monitor and Printers.

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