Digital Wet Ability Tester

Fabric Wet ability Tester applies to determine the wet ability of woven, knitted or non-woven fabrics. A funnel is positioned above the penetrating plate and a preset quantity of salt water solution is delivered to the fabric, simultaneously starting the digital timer, which connected to the “North-South” contacts. The timer stops automatically when all solution has been passed through the fabrics, providing data on permeability to evaluate fabrics and finishes.

Standard: ISO 9073-8, FZ/T60017

Technical Parameter:

1. The burette capacity: 50 ml;

2. The funnel flow velocity with electromagnetic valve:

25 ml flow in (3.5 + / – 0.25) s, drip tube 1, outlet is about Φ3 mm 80ml flow in 6s, drip tube 2, outlet is Φ 6 mm
3. The distance between funnel mouth and specimen: adjustable

4. The base material: organic glass;

5. Plate size: 100 mm * 100 mm * 25 mm;

6. Specimen size: 125 mm * 125 mm;

7. The timer accuracy: 0.01 s;

8. Power supply: AC220V+/-10%

9. Size: 530 mm * 250 mm * 250 mm;

10. Weight: 15 kg

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