Electronic Pick Counter

The electronic pick counter is used to determine the thread density of woven  fabric and loop density of knitted fabrics.

 Equipped with a portable high-precision camera to capture and magnify

 pictures of fabrics. The number of threads or

 loops on captured pictures can be counted easily on the screen of the

 computer by the software.

  Standard: ISO 7211.2 ASTM D3755

Detection rate: 1 time/min
Magnification: 10 – 300X
Focus: Manual
Resolution: 2 Mega pixels(1600X1200)
Light source: Adjustable LED lights
Interface: USB2.0
OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
Software: special software snapshot, video recording, measurement, and etc.
Max size: φ44 mm * 69 mm
Package size: 11cm * 11cm * 13cm
Gross weight: 565gm

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