The scope of application:

 Used in a variety of textiles, non‐ woven fabric, leather and other materials, while force (flexible diaphragm law ) in latitude and longitude and in all directions , expansion force and dilation of the performance measurement .

 Related standards: ASTM D3786, ISO 13938.1

Instrument characteristics:

  1.  Use 16bit Industry‐grade MCU (ATMEL, US A), more excellent anti ‐jamming, more excellent stability
  2.  Print t he test reports by built‐in thermal printer
  3.  Dial pressure mete r to show pressure applied to specimen
  4.  Proveded with a touch screen readout of pressure, time of burst,
  5.  height of burst and the peak hold facility
  6.  High quality and renewable rubber diaphragms, manual griping device, and forward reverse and neutralal drive sys tem.

Technical Parameters:

Test Area φ30 .5±0.05mm (7.3cm2)
Test Area φ79 .8mm±0.05 mm (50cm2 )
Capacity 0~6MPa (6000K pa)
Fluid rate Adjustable
Bursting strength accuracy ±0. 5%FS
Hydraulic fluid glycerin with concentration 85%
Power supply Ac220V 50Hz/110V, 60Hz
Instrument  dimension 560 ×400×680mm(L×W×H)
weight 70kg
Packing list of XHF‐16
No. Name Quantity Remark
1 Bursting Strength Tester 1 Main body
2 Diaphragm 5
3 Specimen holders 1 set φ30.5± 0.05mm
4 Specimen holders 1 set φ79.8mm±0.05mm
4 Spanner 1 Disassemble Holders

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