Fabric Conditioning Chamber

Product description:
Conditioning Chamber to condition samples prior to testing. Completely adheres to the textile conditioning requirements of temperature 22+_ 2 degree Celsius & humidity 65+- 3%.
Laboratory Conditioning Chamber. For the conditioning of samples prior to testing, also applied
for Water Vapour Permeability Testing when equipped with related kits.

Technical Parameter:
Chamber Capacity: 80L
Controller: Programmable Temi 880 touch screen controller. 120 groups 1000 sections, 99H every section, support RS 232 and RS485 communication, support PC monitoring and saving results, USB output, real time display curves.
Test Chamber Dimension: 400 * 500 * 400mm(WidthxHeightxDepth)
Machine Dimension: 970mm * 1360mm * 970mm(WidthxHeightxDepth)

Temperature Range: 0℃ -+150℃
Humidity Range: 20%-98%RH
Temperature maintaining stability: ±0.5℃
Temperature uniformity within the chamber volume: ±2℃
Temperature Resolution: 0.01℃
Humidity maintaining stability: ±2%R.H
Heating and Cooling Speed: 1-3℃/min(No Linear Condition)

  Main function parts use world brand from USA, Japan, Germany, France, Denmark…etc

  Material of outside Chamber: SUS#202 stainless steel.
Material of inside chamber: SUS #304 stainless steel with 1.0mm thick.
Insulated layer: Insulated layer fireproof PU + heat insulating glass wool
Observation window: adopt conductive film toughened glass, Philips PL-S 11W light.
Heater: U type Fin type #304 seamless steel high-speed heating electric heater.
Fan: Centrifugal
Compressor: French Tecumseh
Cooling Method: Air cooling
Quantity of shelves: 2
Power: 220V, 50Hz, 4KW

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