Fabric Thickness Tester

Fabric Thickness tester is applicable of measuring the thickness o f tissue pap er, woven, knitted fabric s, non- woven and o ther uniform materials. It is designed according to

Standards: ISO5084 ,FZ/T6000 4, ISO9073, ISO 98 63….etc.

Technical Para meter :

 Thickness measuring range : 0-25mm

Min. graduation value : 0.001 mm

Press foot diameter: 11.28mm , 50.48 mm, 56.42 mm, 112.84 mm

Press er foot area : 100, 2000, 2500, 1000 0(mm2)

Weighing poise :   5cN*1, 10cN*2, 50cN*2, 100cN*1,4 00cN*1,1000 cN*1 (combine)

Press time: 10s,30s

Test speed: when press time is 10s, about 2.1 times/minutes; when press time is

30s, 1.2 times/minutes.

Weight : 30kg

External Dimensions : 210x450x400mm

Power source : A C220V±10% 50Hz

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