Glove Cut Resistance Tester

Purpose of use:
Apparatus is intended for cut resistance testing of protective gloves, safety, protective and occupational footwear and other products.

  Apparatus is made according to the requirements and apply for the tests according to the following standards:

  Standards: EN 388; c. 6.2, EN ISO 20344; c. 6.14

  Operating principle:
Test specimen and control specimen are cut by a counter-rotating circular blade with a diameter of (45 ± 0,5) mm, a thickness of (0,3 ± 0,03)

  mm, total cutting angle of 30° to 35° and hardness of 700 HV to 720 HV which moves with an alternating motion of 50 mm under a specified load

  of (5 ± 0,5) N with counter that counts down 1/10 cycle of motion with a resulting sinusoidal cutting speed of the blade at (8 ± 2) cm/s.
Protective gloves against mechanical risks – Blade cut resistance
Personal protective equipment – Test methods for footwear – Determination of
resistance of upper to cutting

Description of the device:

The device consists of frame with the main switch unit, control unit with alpha numerical LC display, stand for accommodation the test specimen carrier and control specimen carrier, mechanism with a circular blade, holder of circular blade mechanism in the upper position, test specimen carrier (5 slots) and control specimen carrier (6 slots).

Dimension: (L) 500 x (W) 300 x (H) 250 mm;

Weight: 21 kg;

Power supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz; 25 W

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