HF Guard Digital button Pull Tester

We are introducing this electronic system for Button Snap and Pull tests with all standard test grips per standards. Tester can also be used for tension and compression force, insertion and withdraw force and fracture test for Rubber and plastics, in Textile for yarn and fabric, Architecture doors and windows, composite material, Cables and Cords, and auto parts industry, have preset test speed, and step less speed regulation function Manual and Auto cycle test shift.
Tester can connect with computer, you can control the test stand move up or down by computer. The Digital tester can preset the stop force, when the force arrived the preset force, the tester will auto stop. It means our force gauge can control the test stand when to stop test by preset force.
Digital button snap and pull tester can be used for measuring tension force of different test methods. Easy to operate bench top model can be used for pull or push direction of the force. The display has the blue background light lamp. The tester can set the upper and lower limit to judge the measured results.
The gauge has installed the pilot lamp and buzz alarm to show the upper and lower limit. The gauge can memory 10 test value and calculate the average of the memorized test value automatic. Converting three units N, kgf, lbf automatically. The data display can be changed the direction. Having set the normal measuring\peak hold\automatically peak switch can be used for peak hold test and normal measuring. Non- operation automatic power off, the power off time can be set from 1-60 minutes.
Tester is equipped with a 60 watt powerful AC motor for automatic pull of test.
Stops at pre determined upper lower limits and set speed of test or control Manual.
This digital tester can be used for many other tests with the custom made tests methods for yarn, and paper tensile strength.
50 Kg electronic fore gauge insure the précised test results for button snap and pull tests. Other large capacity Load cells are available per requirements.

Test Stand Panel

Power button: control the whole machine’s power on and off.

Up button: the button shines when up (or left move), turn off when stop.

Down button: the button shines when down (or right move), turn off when stop.

Stop button: stop movement.

Speed governing button: govern the moving speed.

Speed display window: display the setting moving speed at the present time.

Mode shift: shift test mode, shift during the test mode A (cycle) and M (manual).

Mode state pilot lamp: light on is test mode A (cycle); light off is test mode M (inching).

Time window preset: display cycle test time setting at the present, the range is 1-9999 times.

key: character position of moving test times window.

Accumulation key: increase the number in the times window preset, increase “1” when press the key one time.

Minus key: minus the number in the times window preset, minus “1” when press the key one time.

Test time window: display the run times before (“1” time when touch PLU validly).

Zero setting key: setting the running times to zero

Key Display Software graph

LCD Display High accuracy, high resolution

Setting upper and lower limit. The gauge will auto compare the sample.

The result is indicated by red ,green lamp and alarm with Buzzer

Indicate the direction of force

The blue background illumination can be chosen.

Memory 10 testing data, and calculate the average automatically

Three units N, kgf, lbf and convert between the three units automatically

Indicate the max value, minimum value, and average value, eligible and unqualified value.

Peak holding function, and the hold time can be set from 1-10 seconds.

Can print 10 unit test data

Power off time (1-60 minutes) can be set by operator.

RS-232 output can be connected to computer to show the force curve, and to connect the printer.

The voltage required for tester is: AC 220V, 50Hz

The motor power/wattage is: 60W.

Dimension of the package is L*W*H(mm): 510*430*1630 by wooden box.

Package weight ~58 Kg

Comparison of attachment / clamps with SafGuard button pull tester Every one has is own code/name but function is same

SafGuard code & name SH Digital Tester code & name
STA-007 Upper Long Nose Vise Grip Vigrous Pliers Clamp
STA-0041 Upper Universal Grip Female Button Clamp
STA-0002 Upper Stud Grip Male Button Clamp
STA-0042 Lower Fabric Clamp Pedestal Clamp
STA-0006 Lower Grasp Button Accessory Kit Accessory Kit
STA-0004 Calibration Weight 15LB Calibration Weight 15LB
STA-0005 Upper Grasp Button Grip Two-jaw Clamp (a little different on shape

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