Horizontal & Vertical Lab Padder


Adjust to the same pick up with bulk production and provide precise pressed dyeing or resin prescription To check the color shade change and to further avoid it happening during resin finishing or heat setting processes after dyeing. Application tests of water repellent, flame retarding and other coating tests special features.


  1. Constant nip pressure can be kept due to pneumatic design
  2. The left or right side pressure of padding roller can be independently adjustable to the required one.
  3. Easy to operate once you set the required padding nip pressure no other re‐adjustment will be needed.
  4. Safety devices include a fabric feeder, safety rod, emergency button and a knee pedal to make sure the safe operations at every test.


  1.  One pair of padding rollers made of N, B, R, rubber material of 70°shore hardness
  2.  Rubber roller diameter 125mmφlength 450 mm
  3.  Driven by 1/4 hp motor with speed reducer (voltage & hertz to be specified)
  4.  Revolving speed is 0‐10m/min (variable frequency speed control)
  5.  Two pressure gauges 0~5kg /cm2
  6.  Two pressure regulating valves (precision 0.1 kg /cm2)
  7. Air compressor is excluded.

Technical Parameter:

Model P‐A Vertical type P‐B Horizontal Type
Dimensions 85×56×140CM 85×56×140CM
Power 380‐400 VAC, 50Hz 380‐400 VAC, 50Hz
Net Weight: ~120 KGS ~120 KGS
Shipment weight: ~210 KGS ~190 KGS
Shipmen Dimension: ~100*75*145CM ~95*75*120CM
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