HTA Jet Dyeing Machine

HTA laboratory fabric dyeing machine providing the reliable basis for dyeing at reduced bulk costs.
This machine is ideal for the wet processing of narrow woven and knit fabric samples made from natural and
man-made fibers and blends.

Operating at temperatures up to 140ºC at a min. liquor ratio of 1:5 depending on the type of fabric and fiber.

The machine is designed for research and development, quality assurance and laboratory trials. A high level of
reproducibility and similar liquor ratio allowing transfer of results from lab to bulk.

Adopt the thickness adjustable structure to protect the blade and pad.

It use cork pad, not rubber pad.

Technology parameters of parts:
Main cylinder parts : Made of high corrosion resistant stainless steel materials. Door cover is stainless steel plate, bolt structure.
Cloth storage area: Single cloth operated, Go smooth cloth
Carry cloth system: made of stainless steel, the cloth runs without bruising.
Out the cloth system: The wheel and gear motor frame made of stainless steel with a cloth.
Guide cloth tube: Full immersion structure.
Into the drainage: Single into a single row.
Water level meter: Magnetic page layout with low water level protection control.
The cloth rack: Made of stainless steel.
Feet: Stainless steel materials.
Charging bucket: made of stain less steel.
Feeding system: with stainless steel feed pump and proportional valve, quantitative feeding precise control.
Heat exchanger: stainless steel shell and tube heat exchanger, heat exchange area is large.
The main pump is made of stainless steel plate mould pressure pump body. It has high corrosion resistance
and sealing performance. It is not the hidden danger of shrinkage cavity and leakage of the pump shell, and it is durable.
Valves: stainless steel pneumatic / manual dual purpose ball valves are used for inlet / drain, Using pneumatic
diaphragm valve into steam, inlet and outlet cooling water ado pts pneumatic stainless steel shut-off valves,
Drain valve adopts pneumatic stainless steel ball valve, and other valves adopt stainless steel clip valves.

Hydrophobic: pour drum hydro phobic, environmental protection and energy saving.
The main pump, guide wheel frequency control; frequency converter using the Sino-US joint venture the frequency conversion.
High temperature resistant stainless steel metal paint spraying machine appearance, all with high precision stainless steel parts cloth contact surface polishing treatment, no cloth, nap.
Fully time-temperature profile, dosing of dyes and chemicals.

Electrical control system:
With large screen touch screen PLC control, the picture is clear and bright, the precision of
Temperature control is high and the operation is convenient. The whole process is completed
Automatically by the temperature control system, Digital setting of technical parameters of touch screen.
Temperature curve and automatic control of dyestuff
The electric cabin et control box, is made of the stainless steel material, is made of and the exterior is sprayed
with the stainless steel high temperature resistant metal paint.

Main Technical Parameter:
The machine form: Walking on horizontal cloth, jet overflow single-channel cloth
The max. Capacity of fabric: 10k g
The small quantity o f cloth: 1-5kg
The highest working temperature: 140℃

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