Infrared HT Dyeing Machine

Use: Suitable for high temperature (or normal temperature) dyeing, washing, dry-cleaning and samples colorfastness test.

Applied Range:

Suitable f or all kinds of yarn and fabric dyeing experiments, especially for N, N/C, T/N and other kinds of knitted and woven cloth, spandex lake, have better levelness and reproducible.


With internal heating type silicon carbide heat conduction, to avoid the old infrared machine with heat conduction oil as heat carrier inflammable and explosive fatal flaw.

Use stainless steel infrared heater, compared with the external heating infrared glass lamp life long, long time.

Without glycerin, lampblack pollution; Due to the adopted high-power air cooling system, and therefore there is no loss of cooling water;

Heating power is only 1/3 of the traditional oil heat infrared machine, and heat preservation, constant temperature effect is good, save water, electricity, etc Line costs.

Programmable LCD computer installations, a variety of expressions, real time monitor the working state of the curve of the test process and relevant operation.

Adopts frequency conversion control, adjustable rotary speed, better co operate with the scene of the production process works.

To adapt to different kinds of fabric and dyeing processing, the method of general configuration routine for 24 cups of 300ml.

Technical Parameter:

  1. Number of steel cup: 24
  1. Dyed cup material: stainless steel 316 l a stretch forming.
  1. Cup specification: 300 ml.
  1. Rotational speed: 0-45 rpm
  1. Operating temperature : room temperature to 14 0 ℃.
  1. Temperature control precision:±2℃
  1. Heating rate: 0.5 – 33 ℃ / min (full cup slightly lower, about 3 ℃ / min)
  1. Cooling: forced air cooling.
  1. Heat conduction medium: carborundum.

10 . Power specifications: 110V, 60Hz, Single phase

11 . Dimension : 750mm * 7 75mm * 775 mm (long * deep * high).

12 . Machine weight: about 195 kg.

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