Lea and Single Yarn Tester

The 01Y electrical single-yarn tester is an ideal machine, which can test yarn’s breaking strength, elongation rate and other technology targets.

The machine adopts testing principle of constant rate of elongation (CRE) and microcomputer to control, settle automatically and print data. It is programmed easily. And the tester is precise, fast and convenient. The machine has the function of protecting data in the machine when the power is lost. (It can memorize data when the power is lost suddenly).

Standard: ISO2062, ASTM, BS, JIS, AS, CAN/CGSB.

Technical Parameter:

The max testing strength: 3000cN.

Error of strength: <=+/-1%.

Gauge between up and down gripper: 250mm+/-1mm, 500mm+/-1mm (It can be selected randomly.)

Pre-tension’s scope: 1cN~100cN

Constant breaking time: 20s+/-3s or 10s+/-1.5s (It can be selected randomly.)

Constant stretching speed: 250mm/min+/-2% or 500mm/min+/-2%

The scope of inputting parameters:

①    Linear density (yarn size): unit: Nm; inputting scope: 1~599.9

②    Test times of every group: 2~100

③    Group’s interval times of average value: 2~20

④    Data’s outputting mode: The machine uses LED to display value and

statistic data of once or prints them in form style.

Power: AC 220V+/-10% 50Hz

Dimension: 320mmx360mmx1160mm

Net weight: 38Kg

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