Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester

Introduction :

 Application scope of XHF-05 Martindale Abrasion & Pilling Tester : suitable for the wear-resistance and grinding test under certain pressure of woven and wool-blend fabrics, Leather, knitted goods and non-woven fabric

 Standards:  ISO5470, IWS TM112/196, DIN53863/53865, BS3424/5690, BS EN 388/530, JIS L1096, ASTM D4966/4970 , ISO17079-2, ISO 12947, ISO17704, ISO 20344, ISO 17076-2, SATRA TM31 and so on.

Features of touch screen Martindale:

 1.Machines with two Lissa-jous trajectory.

 2.Using color touch-screen operation, PLC control, each working position can be controlled separately.

  1.  Motor overheat protection, convenient operation.
  2.  There is a alarm when the test is finished.
  3.  Data can be restored after the power failure.

Technical Parameters:

 Work-station number : 6 or 9 pcs

Counter display : Pre-set counter display: 0-999999

Cumulative counter display: 0-999999

         Abrading table diameter : 120mm

Test pressure (abrasion test)

A:  cloth specimen clamp:198g +/- 2g

B:  textile specimen hammer:395g +/-2g (Equal to 9Kpa)

C: furniture deck specimen hammer:594g +/-2g (Equal to 12Kpa)

Pressure test (pilling test)

A:  cloth specimen clamp:155g +/-1g

B:  textile specimen hammer:260g +/-1g

Weight of Load hammer: 2385g +/-10g

Dimension: 850mm\ x 600mm x 400mm

Weight: Machine 120kgs Accessories box: 22kgs Voltage supply:220V/110V, 50HZ/60Hz

Packing list

No. Name Quantity Remark
1 Abrasion tester 1 Main body
2 Pin Shaft 6 or 9
3 Hammer 1
4 Lissa-jous trace pen 1
5 Dia 140 sample cutter 1
6 Dia 38 sample cutter 1
7 Dia 90 sample cutter 1
8 Weights 12 or 18 395g, 594g each 6 pcs
9 Specimen clamps 12 or 18 dia38mm, dia90mm each 6 pcs
10 Abrasion table 6 or 9
11 Specimen fix ring 6 or 9
12 Rubber rings 12 or 18 For installing dia90mm specimen
14 Load disc 6 or 9
15 Accessories Case 2 Aluminum-Alloy Case
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