Perspiration Tester

The perspiration tester is to determine color fastness to water, perspiration fastness in textiles

Perspiration : AATCC 15 , EN ISO 1 05 E04 , DIN 54020 , JIS L0848 , BS 1006 E04 Water : AATC C 107, EN ISO 105 E01 , DIN 54006 , DIN54005 , JIS L 0846 , BS 10 06 E01

Sea water : AATCC 106 , EN ISO 105 E02 , DIN 54007 , JIS L0847 , BS 1006 E02 Application :

It is to deter mine color fastness test t o water, sea water, perspiration fastness in textiles and sublimation during storage. Perspiration tester consists of a stainless steel frame with 21 acrylic separator plates to hold 20 samples. An electric precise oven is required.

Test Procedure:

Treat the composite sample with synthetic perspiration, sea water or water. Place the perspiration tester with 20 samples which held between plates under a given pressure by standard loading weight into an oven for a requested time at a requested temperature.

Compare the degree of fading and pollution of attached white cloth with gray scale, and appraise the perspiration color fastness

Technical Parameter:

AATCC Count Weight: 3.63kg (8LB)

ISO Count Weight: 4.08 kg (9LB)

Laminate w eight: 0.90kg (2LB)

AATCC acrylic separator plates: (22 Pcs)

ISO acrylic separator plates: (21 Pcs)

Weight: 8 K g

Dimensions: 420mm*15 0mm*300 m m(LxWxH)

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