Pressley Fiber Bundle Strength Tester

Pressley Fiber Bundle Strength Tester is an equipment based on the principle of moment balance measuring force, and use a ramp-type device where a hammer slides freely to measure bundle cotton breaking strength by the distance that the hammer slides.

Technical Parameter:
Thickness of sample holding clamp: 11.8mm
Thickness of separator : 3.2mm
Test Range: Breaking Load 5- 20lbf (25N-90N)
Correction Coefficient (approxi.) : 0.9-1.1
Dimension : 380 x200 x160mm
Weight : 8kg
Standard Configuration:
Main Frame: 1 Set, Specimen clamps 1 Set, Clamp Vice 1 Pc, Shearing Knife 1 Pc, Tweezers 1 Pc,

Spanner 1 Pc, Coarse Comb 1 Pc, Fine Comb 1 Pc, Leather 1 Pc (spare parts),

Small Copper Plate (for calibration), Big Copper Plate (for calibration), Copper Pin: 1 Pc

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