Textile Tensile Tester 02T

Introduction : This Tensile tester for and Yarn and Fabric Tensile Tests is a new generation of tester with i nnovative desi gn, convenie nt using, excellent performance and pleasing appearance, this tester is special d eigned in testi ng textile an d Yarn. Tensile tester contain dozens of pre built test methods just select test method from menu attached the sample click and rest will be done automatic after completing the test griping jaws will return back to sele cted test meth od start leng th to perfor m next test. It is computerize d equipment can be operated manually and self c ustomize test can also programmed.

Meet Standards:
ISO1 3934.1, ISO 13934.2, IS O13937.2, IS O9073.4, IS O13936.1, ISO13936.2, ISO13935.1, ISO13935.2, ISO 2062 ,
ASTM D22 56 ASTM D5034, ASTM D5035, AS TM D2261, A STM D5587, ASTM D3936, ASTM D49 64.ETC.

Test Function::
1- Constant Speed Tensile Test
2-Peeling Test
3-Tearing Test
4-Seam Slippage Test
5-Bursting Test
6-Definite Elongation Test Load Test
7-Definite Load Test Elongation Test
8-Elastic Recovery Test
9-Yarn Strength Test Lea Strength test .
Working pattern: CR E principle, controlled by large LCD, equipped with an online interface, can be also controlle d by comput er
with professional textile and yar n testing software., real time displa y graphs,
breaking load, elonga tion, with P C powerful a nalysis syst em, also can give yield load, yield elongation, CV% of l oad…etc.
Adopt imported sensor from American Tedea.
AC servo drive, ball screw, to do a wide range speed settin g, suitable f or all kinds of material mechani al performa nce testing.
Accordin g to the customer need to provide a variety of standard test functions can also be customized accordin g to customer requirements.
With diffe rent clamps can perform different test perfectly.
All testin g results and graphs can be output in to Excel, word and be printed accordingly.
With the protective function of overload, over current, over voltage.
Displacement upper and lower limitation, also with emergency stop.
Multi Unit is selectable: CN, N, Lb, g, Kg, mm, Inch

Technic al Parameter:
Load cell: 2500N (50 00N Optional) for Fabric Test, 3000C N for Yarn
Test Precision of measurement strength : ± 0.5 % of the indicated load v alue
Gauge L ength: 20-350mm ±1%
Jog speed: 2mm/min- 1000mm/min

Return speed: 2 mm/min-1000mm/min
Speed accuracy: <±2%
Break time accuracy: ±0.01s
Effective stroke: 700m m (also can be customi zed according to custom er’s requirement)
Resolutio n of stretch: 0.1mm
Clamping method: Mechanical for fabric and yarn
Machine dimension: 3 80×480×14 50mm
Machine weight: 120kgs

Optional Items:
Pneumatic Grips
Grip s: Pair of adjustable centre flat faced pneumatic grips 75mm w ide.
Jaw s for ASTM D 1683 Jaws for ASTM 5034

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