Trash Analyzer

To determine the percentage content of trash, lint, non-fiber material and cleaned cotton in raw cotton sample up to 100g.

Also used to determine non-fiber content of synthetic fibers and to open and clean fiber for further testing. The analyzer uses the carding principle with air separation of lint and non lint content.

Standard: ITMF

Technical Parameter:

  1. Size of feeding roller: Dia.57.15
  2. Size of feeding roller: Dia.57.15~
  3. Rotation speed: 0.9 r/min~
  4. Size of Licker-in: Dia. 238mm, Rotation speed: 900r/min
  5. Voltage : 380V, 50Hz~
  6. External Dimensions : 1019×715×874mm
  7. Weight : 280kgs
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