Wrap Reel Electronic

Used for reeling set length’s yarn to test whose linear density and length. Metric and imperial models are available.

The system is used for making the lea, used for yarn strength, count measurement and length.

The yarn is spread uniformly. Up to 6 leas can be formed at one time, the arms of the reel can be docked to facilitate the removal of the leas from the reel. The number of turns is indicated on a counter. Wrap Reel automatically stops at pre‐set counter An automatic brake stop the movement of the reel almost instantaneously to reduce the chances of over ravel.

Standard: GB/T4743, GB/T14343, GB/T6838, ISO2060, ASTM D1907, DIN53830.3.4

Technical Parameter:

  1. Reel girth: 54″ or 1000mm +/- 0.5mm Option
  2. Winding cyclomatic number: 1~9999
  3. Reel rotate speed: 30~300/Min
  4. Spindle Space between: 65cm
  5. Reeling Tension: 0~100cN
  6. Reeling Reciprocate Range : 35mm +/- 1mm
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