Xenon Light Fastness Tester

Xenon light fastness tester is mainly used for test of the color fastness to light and weather fastness of all kinds of nonferrous, coloring textile; it can also be used for testing the color fastness and ageing of painting, pigment, paint, rubber, plastic, paper and other materials. It has high intelligence, high measurement and control precision, stable performance; and it also has touch screen which is graphic mark displaying, friendly interface, it also easy to operate.

Standard: ISO105-B02/B04/B06 AATCC 16 JIS L0843 ISO 4892-2


  1. Using 3300W long arc xenon lamp, truly simulate daylight spectrum;
  2. Adopt high transmittance filter combination, using 95% of the transmittance of the filter and the filter

    cylinder, to achieve the same irradiance optical requirements of low power consumption,

    makes the instrument more energy saving and environmental protection

  1. Automatic compensating system (PATENT) control the Xenon Lamp Power.
  2. Large touch screen, indicate the condition of chamber at real-time, be able to presetting irradiance,

     temperature (BPT or BST, chamber), humidity  and plot dynamic curve of them.

  1. The operator simply selects the required test module and test standards;
  2. 6.  English user interface, diagram indicate condition of chamber, easy to use.
  3. 7.PLC control, powerful program and storage property, save the parameters when interrupt of power supply.
  4. Custom program capability and storage for additional user-defined tests.
  5. 9.Built-in diagnostics and warnings, automatic prompt when lamp or optical filters require changing.
  6. 1 Multi-position sensor to supervise working condition, temperature, humidity, fan, xenon lamp, and door to chamber, it makes device work properly and reliably.
  7. 1Adopt (PATENT) military transmission technology in order to prevent electronic parts aging because of wireless transmission.
  8. A test can be 1000 hours of continuous operation of quality assurance.

Technical Parameter:

 Light source: 3300W air-cooled long-arc xenon lamp Life of lamp: 1000-1500 hours

 Chamber Temperature range: 25 ~ 50 C, accuracy: +/- 2 C

 Blackboard  temperature   range: 30-80 C   Accuracy: +/- 3 C

 Humidity range: 10 ~ 95% RH, accuracy: +/- 5%

 Irradiance: 0.60 ~ 2.01W/m2/420nm (340nm, 300~400nm, 300~800nm is offered on request), Digital set, automatic closed-loop compensation

Control Accuracy of Irradiance: +/- 0.02W/m2/420nm

 Photoperiod: ≤1000h

 Spray cycle: ≤1000h

 Rotation speed of sample holder: revolution 5r/min

 Dimension: 1200 x 800 x 1720mm

 Weight: 213kg

Light Fastness Tester Set 1
ISO sample clamp (can double side Set 11
place the specimen)
AATCC sample clamp (can double Set 5
side place the specimen)
Black board thermometer Pc 1
Black standard thermometer Pc 1
Filter glass Pc 7
Filter Canister Pc 1
Filter component Set 1
Upper air canister Pc 1
Top tube Pc 1
Blue Wool Optional SDC Brand
Color Matching Cabinet Optional 1
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