Yarn Hairiness Tester

This yarn hairiness testing equipment
 is the special-purpose equipment determines the yarn hairiness index. And this equipment applies to testing various natural fiber and chemical fiber with pure or mixing form hairiness length, hairiness index and distributing for the textile mill and scientific research, teaching, foreign trade, commodity inspection, etc. to instruct producing, improve the craft, control quality, to research new products, and offer the means of appraising to yarn users.

Yarn hairiness is fibrous end or fibrous loop that reaches out yarn’s surface.

There is close relationship between hairiness length, quantity, distribution and fabric inherent quality, appearance quality, feeling. Hairiness length, quantity distribution are also major influence factors of quality and productivity especially in the shuttle less-loom, knitting production, therefore the hairiness index is a important index of appraise yarn quality, is also the important component basis of reflecting good and bad spinning and weaving.

Technical Parameter:
Count Range: 4-160 Tex
Examination hairiness length: hairiness index of measuring hairiness length for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8mm every time.
Hairiness length accuracy: lower than 0.1mm Hairiness resolution: lower than 0.5mm
Test speed: 15m/min±5%、30m/min±5%、60m/min±5%。
Segment length in the yarn tests: 1—1000m. Test times continuously: 1—10000 times Pretension range:0—60cN
Data display: the computer screen CRT display and print records. Statistics: average, irregularity, Maximum-difference.
Adjust the parameters of the work: automatic adjustment / manual adjustment.
Power: AC 220V, 50HZ
Dimension of main unit: 530mm × 330mm × 330mm Weight: 25kgs

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