Yarn Tension Meter

This electronic Tension Meters are used throughout the world in a wide variety of typical as well as special applications A few samples are show n below.

A. In the Knitting Industry: exact adjusting of yarn feeders of circular knitting machines.
B. In the Man-Made Fiber Industries: For wire drawing or winding machines.
C. In the Wire Industries: doubling twister.
D. In Cotton Textile Industries: for winding machines.
E. In the Optical Fiber Industries: winding machines.
F. Range :0-200CN (0-200g) Optional: 0-300CN, -50 0CN
G. Resolution : 0.1CN
H. Accuracy:±1% full scale
I. U nits: cN
J. Outrange:approx 10% full scale with out accuracy guarantee
L. Measuring principle Strain gauge bridge Measuring roller: 0.5 mm
M. Signal processing Digital 10 bit ADC
N. Damping Adjustable electronic damp (3 steps). moving aver aging

Technical Details
1. Sampling rate : Approx 1 kHz
2. Display update rate: Approximate 2 times/sec
3. D isplay:4-digit LCD,20 mm high Temperature r ange:10 45℃
4. Air humidity: 85% RH. Max.
5. Auto power of f: Automatically after approx 3 min of non use
6. Power supply: Two AA Battery (about 50 hours of continuous use)
7. Housing material: Aluminum profile with outer casing
8. Housing: 230 X 62 x 46 mm (D x W x H)
9. W eight net (gross): Approximate 350 g (1020 g)

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