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  • Auto Single Yarn Strength Tester $11,250.00

    Yarn Strength Testing Machine is used to determine the breaking load and elongation of single yarns, core-spun yarn, polyester filament.. etc.

    Standard: GB/T 391, GB/T 14344, ISO 2062, ATSM D2256, BS 1932, DIN 53842.1, DIN 53835.2…etc.


    1. Working pattern: CRE principle, dual control, controlled by both computer and big color touch screen, professional software supports
    2. Large touch screen can record, browse detail results and print results by printer
    3. Fully programmable to give breaking load, elongation, CV% of load, elongation, stress, strain curve and tenacity values..etc.
    4. Time fixing tensile: 10s or 20s
    5. With memory function when power interrupt, and up to 999 tests on each sample
    6. The machine adopts contact less relay, stable performance, reliable
    7. Gauge length and tension speed preset
    8. Able to set pretension force
    9. Use American imported load cell, Servo system control, low friction ball bearing screw
    10. Automatic zero-setting after each test.
    11. Force and elongation can be measured at any point of the curve
    12. Force reading can be selected either in Newton or gram
    13. Elongation reading can be selected either in or mm

    Technical parameters:

    Max measurement force:    6000CN

    Linear deviation :0.05%

    Resolution: 1CN

    Load cell accuracy class: 0.05%

    Gauge length: 250mm±1mm          500mm±1mm

    Pretension: 1cN-100cN

    Elongation: when at 250mm gauge length, max elongation is 220% when

    at 500mm gauge length, max elongation is 60% Accuracy: Within ±1% of

    applied force Tensile Speed: 50mm/min-5000mm/min

    Tex: 1-999.9 random setting

    Power: AC220V±10%      50Hz

    Dimension: 1295mm×550mm×450mm

    Weight: 100kg

  • Digital Yarn Ssplice Strength Tester $180.00

    Splice Strength Tester is used to determines the splicing strength of yarn at the time of spinning.

    Splice strength tester is available in two ranges.

    We are able to present our esteemed clients with a wide spectrum of Splice Strength Tester.

    The offered product is made of supreme grade material that is as per the laid industrial quality

    specifications. Moreover, the offered product is tested on well defined specified levels, .

    SPECIFICATIONS:: Range: 0 to 2000 grms (0-20N) and 0 to 5000 grms (0 to 50N) two ranges available

    Big LCD display

    Selectable units in Kg, N, Lb

    Auto peak hold on breaking point

    Long life Rechargeable battery

    AC to DC adaptor for charging included

    Backlit to see measurement in darkness or shaded area

  • Electronic Pick Counter $362.00

    The electronic pick counter is used to determine the thread density of woven  fabric and loop density of knitted fabrics.

     Equipped with a portable high-precision camera to capture and magnify

     pictures of fabrics. The number of threads or

     loops on captured pictures can be counted easily on the screen of the

     computer by the software.

      Standard: ISO 7211.2 ASTM D3755

    Detection rate: 1 time/min
    Magnification: 10 – 300X
    Focus: Manual
    Resolution: 2 Mega pixels(1600X1200)
    Light source: Adjustable LED lights
    Interface: USB2.0
    OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
    Software: special software snapshot, video recording, measurement, and etc.
    Max size: φ44 mm * 69 mm
    Package size: 11cm * 11cm * 13cm
    Gross weight: 565gm

  • Fiber Strength Tester $6,275.00

    This fiber strength tester is suitable to test the tension of chemical fiber cotton,

    wool, ramie, silk, glass fiber…etc.
    Standard: ISO 11566, JIS K1474, JIS R7601, JIS K1477

    LCD panel control and computer control, real time display testing results,

    also can be controlled by computer, output word, excel report.
    Select imported load cell, CRE test principle, high speed sampling.
    It can real time display curve, tensile strength, elongation, yield force, yield elongation,
    modulus, various CV value…etc.

    Pneumatic Grip for installing the specimen
    High accuracy, fats response.
    Use high accuracy load cell, imported from USA.

    Can have 8 test function:
    1. One time Tensile Strength Test
    2. Two dwell time (adjustable) at rate elongation (It mean tensile 2mm (can be set), then see tensile force, dwell time such as set at 3s, then after 3s from the first tensile, the machine will do the second tensile, then tensile fiber upto 2mm again, dwell time such as 5s, to see the tensile force.
    3. Two dwell time (adjustable) at rate elongation repeatedly test.
    4. Two dwell time (adjustable) at rate tensile force (It mean to see elongation at rate force such as 2CN (can be set), dwell time such as set at 3s, then after 3s from the first tensile, the machine will do the second tensile, then tensile fiber upto 2CN again, dwell time such as 5s, to see the tensile force.
    5. Two dwell time (adjustable) at rate tensile force repeatedly test.
    6. Two dwell time (adjustable) at rate tensile force increase repeatedly test.
    7. Creep Test
    8. Relaxation Test

    Technical parameter:
    Measurement range:0CN-100CN, 0 CN-200CN, 0- 300CN, 0-500CN(Select one)
    Measurement accuracy: <=± 0.5%
    Sensitive: 0.02%
    Resolution: 0.01CN
    Speed range: 3mm-120mm/min ( adjustable)
    Max cross travel: 120mm.
    Measurement accuracy of extension: ≤0.05mm
    Gauge length: 5mm~60mm
    Dimension: 400×290×460(mm)

  • Lea & Single Yarn Strength Tester $5,800.00

    This electrical single-yarn tester is an ideal machine, which can test yarn’s breaking strength, elongation rate and other technology targets.

    The machine adopts testing principle of constant rate of elongation (CRE) and microcomputer to control, settle automatically and print data. It is programmed easily. And the tester is precise, fast and convenient. The machine has the function of protecting data in the machine when the power is lost. (It can memorize data when the power is lost suddenly.)

    Standard: ISO2062, ASTM, BS, JIS, AS, CAN/CGSB.

    Technical Parameter:

    1. The max testing strength: 3000cN.
    2. Error of strength <=±1%.
    3. Gauge between up and down gripper: 250mm±1mm, 500mm±1mm (It can be selected randomly.)
    4. Pre-tension’s scope: 1cN~100cN
    5. Constant breaking time: 20s±3s or 10s±1.5s (It can be selected randomly.)
    6. Constant stretching speed: 250mm/min±2% or 500mm/min±2%

    The scope of inputting parameters:
    ① Linear density (yarn size): unit: Nm; inputting scope: 1~599.9
    ② Test times of every group: 2~100
    ③ Group’s interval times of average value: 2~20
    ④ Data’s outputting mode: The machine uses LED to display value and
    statistic data of once or prints them in form style.
    Power: AC 220V±10% 50Hz
    Dimension: 320mm×360mm×1160mm
    Net weight: 38Kg

  • Mechanical Hand-Held Tension Meters $120.00

    Hand-Held Mechanical Tension Meters for textiles, fibers, wire and more.
    Easy to operate
    big visiable dial
    Specialy for tetile yarn tension testing
    Please contact our experts to review your application and help you select the best tension meter for your needs.

    Tension meter relay connections to apply pressure, electronic switches, micro-switches, valves, spring widening pressure, dial spindle pressure measurement equipment,

    textile equipment connections and pressure mechanical pressure armature,
    tape recorders buffer pressure point of contact pressure and other precision pressure, tension tests.

  • Pressley Fiber Bundle Strength Tester $2,337.00

    Pressley Fiber Bundle Strength Tester is an equipment based on the principle of moment balance measuring force, and use a ramp-type device where a hammer slides freely to measure bundle cotton breaking strength by the distance that the hammer slides.

    Technical Parameter:
    Thickness of sample holding clamp: 11.8mm
    Thickness of separator : 3.2mm
    Test Range: Breaking Load 5- 20lbf (25N-90N)
    Correction Coefficient (approxi.) : 0.9-1.1
    Dimension : 380 x200 x160mm
    Weight : 8kg
    Standard Configuration:
    Main Frame: 1 Set, Specimen clamps 1 Set, Clamp Vice 1 Pc, Shearing Knife 1 Pc, Tweezers 1 Pc,

    Spanner 1 Pc, Coarse Comb 1 Pc, Fine Comb 1 Pc, Leather 1 Pc (spare parts),

    Small Copper Plate (for calibration), Big Copper Plate (for calibration), Copper Pin: 1 Pc

  • Sliver and roving evenness tester $650.00

    The Sliver and roving evenness tester is used for testing the evenness of sliver and roving

    Standards: ISO105‐X12, D02, Bs1006 D02, DIN54021, IWS Tm165, JIS K6328.

    Technical Parameter :

    Bowl width of guide wheel : 1.58mm,3.17mm

    Linear speed of guide wheel :669.35m/min

    Ratio between levers : 1:100

    External Dimensions: 540×280×510mm

    Power supply: AC220V,60W

  • Trash Analyzer $3,375.00

    To determine the percentage content of trash, lint, non-fiber material and cleaned cotton in raw cotton sample up to 100g.

    Also used to determine non-fiber content of synthetic fibers and to open and clean fiber for further testing. The analyzer uses the carding principle with air separation of lint and non lint content.

    Standard: ITMF

    Technical Parameter:

    1. Size of feeding roller: Dia.57.15
    2. Size of feeding roller: Dia.57.15~
    3. Rotation speed: 0.9 r/min~
    4. Size of Licker-in: Dia. 238mm, Rotation speed: 900r/min
    5. Voltage : 380V, 50Hz~
    6. External Dimensions : 1019×715×874mm
    7. Weight : 280kgs
  • Twist Tester Electronic $1,162.00

    Yarn Twist tester is used to determine yarn twist in single or plated yarns ,

    quadrant type with auto stop &reverse for conventional or

    untwist/re‐twist methods . Test length adjustable up to 50cm/20 inches for S&Z twist yarns .

    Controlled by microcomputer, displayed by LCD , step less variable speed .

    Standards: ISO2061;Bs2085; ASTM D1422,1423; JIS L1095,

    Test Methods: count directly method untwist‐retwist method

    Testing length : 0‐500 mm

    Testing range (twist) : 1~9999.9

    Speed : 500‐2000r/min

    RS 232 computer connection

    Software to manage record batches and printing

    External Dimensions : 970x150x310mm

  • Wrap Reel Electronic $1,300.00

    Used for reeling set length’s yarn to test whose linear density and length. Metric and imperial models are available.

    The system is used for making the lea, used for yarn strength, count measurement and length.

    The yarn is spread uniformly. Up to 6 leas can be formed at one time, the arms of the reel can be docked to facilitate the removal of the leas from the reel. The number of turns is indicated on a counter. Wrap Reel automatically stops at pre‐set counter An automatic brake stop the movement of the reel almost instantaneously to reduce the chances of over ravel.

    Standard: GB/T4743, GB/T14343, GB/T6838, ISO2060, ASTM D1907, DIN53830.3.4

    Technical Parameter:

    1. Reel girth: 54″ or 1000mm +/- 0.5mm Option
    2. Winding cyclomatic number: 1~9999
    3. Reel rotate speed: 30~300/Min
    4. Spindle Space between: 65cm
    5. Reeling Tension: 0~100cN
    6. Reeling Reciprocate Range : 35mm +/- 1mm
  • Yarn Abrasion Tester $6,000.00

    Yarn Abrasion Tester is used to determine the abrasion resistance of the single yarn and plied yarn. Sample will be abrased with constant speed when tested, touch screen operation.

    Standard: FZ/T 01058-1999

    Technical Parameter:

    Test stations: 20
    Working mode: Constant speed
    Abrasion speed: about 60 times/min
    Weight:: 5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, 25g, 30g, 35g
    Output Value: Max. value, Min. value, Average value, coefficient of variation
    Abradant: Sand Paper

  • Yarn Board Winder $1,537.00

    Yarn Examining Board Winder applies to assess the evenness, hairiness, neps and other imperfections in a representative sample of various yarn wound at a pre-determined yarn density onto a quadrate/tapered black board.

    Standard : ASTM D2255

    Feature :

     Driven by synchronous motor, and digital controlling circuit, ensure uniform pitch during a test.

    Various pitch to satisfy comprehensive requirements of different yarn linear density.

    Equipped with alternative pre-tension (ref. picture).

    Auto-stop function.

    Adjustable winding speed.

    Technical Parameter :

    Black board size: 575mm×250mm×160mm×3mm Yarn winding density\

    Reeling density:7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 19 wraps/cm, 20/45mm 7steps (¢×4photogrrraphic)

    Rotate Speed: 0-350mm/min

    Power supply                         AC220V, 50Hz, 50W

    Dimension                           1065mm×460mm×270mm

    Weight                                     28Kg

    Include 2 pcs black or white board and 1 pc ¢×4photographic

  • Yarn Count Balance $760.00

    Yarn count machine works with textile electronic balance is a kind of intellectual measuring instrument with weighing, counting and other many functions. The product introduces imported Integrated circuit and enjoys stable and reliable performance, easy operation and accurate weighing and counting. As a kind of measuring instrument, it has been widely used by enterprises and scientific research institutions.


    It has: g,oz,tex,Nm,Ne,D,g/m2kinds of the units to change. Select 1-10 pcs specimen measurement

    It can print the date, time, specimen length, each weighing value, calculated MIN (minimum), MAX (maximum), SUM (sum), AV (average), CV% (non-uniform rate). Overload malfunction indication.

     Working Condition:

    Working Temperature:                         0°~40°C

    Maximum Consumed Power:              3W

    Pan Size: Diameter 80mm

    Power Supply:     Adaptor    input -220V±10﹪, 50HZ±1HZ。Output- 9v,300mA

    Comparative Humidity:    50﹪~85﹪

    Range: 210g

    Accuracy: 1mg (0.001g)

    Standard Configuration: Balance, Printer, Calibration Weight

  • Yarn Examining Machine $937.00

    Yarn Examining Machine applies to assess the evenness, hairiness, neps and other imperfections in a representative sample of various yarn wound at a pre‐determined yarn density onto a quadrate/tapered black board.

    Standard: ASTM D2255


     Driven by synchronous motor, and digital controlling circuit, ensure uniform pitch during a test.

     Various pitch to satisfy comprehensive requirements of different yarn linear density.

     Equipped with alternative pre‐tension (ref. picture).

     Auto‐stop function.

     Adjustable winding speed

    Technical Parameter:
    Black board size: 220×250mm (L×W)
    Yarn winding density
    Reeling density: 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 19 wraps/cm ¢×4photogrrraphic 20/45mm 7steps
    Rotate Speed: 0‐350mm/min
    Power supply:  AC220V, 50Hz, 50W
    Dimension:  620×370×340mm
    Weight:  30Kg

  • Yarn Hairiness Tester $7,500.00

    This yarn hairiness testing equipment
     is the special-purpose equipment determines the yarn hairiness index. And this equipment applies to testing various natural fiber and chemical fiber with pure or mixing form hairiness length, hairiness index and distributing for the textile mill and scientific research, teaching, foreign trade, commodity inspection, etc. to instruct producing, improve the craft, control quality, to research new products, and offer the means of appraising to yarn users.

    Yarn hairiness is fibrous end or fibrous loop that reaches out yarn’s surface.

    There is close relationship between hairiness length, quantity, distribution and fabric inherent quality, appearance quality, feeling. Hairiness length, quantity distribution are also major influence factors of quality and productivity especially in the shuttle less-loom, knitting production, therefore the hairiness index is a important index of appraise yarn quality, is also the important component basis of reflecting good and bad spinning and weaving.

    Technical Parameter:
    Count Range: 4-160 Tex
    Examination hairiness length: hairiness index of measuring hairiness length for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8mm every time.
    Hairiness length accuracy: lower than 0.1mm Hairiness resolution: lower than 0.5mm
    Test speed: 15m/min±5%、30m/min±5%、60m/min±5%。
    Segment length in the yarn tests: 1—1000m. Test times continuously: 1—10000 times Pretension range:0—60cN
    Data display: the computer screen CRT display and print records. Statistics: average, irregularity, Maximum-difference.
    Adjust the parameters of the work: automatic adjustment / manual adjustment.
    Power: AC 220V, 50HZ
    Dimension of main unit: 530mm × 330mm × 330mm Weight: 25kgs

  • Yarn Tension Meter $712.00

    This electronic Tension Meters are used throughout the world in a wide variety of typical as well as special applications A few samples are show n below.

    A. In the Knitting Industry: exact adjusting of yarn feeders of circular knitting machines.
    B. In the Man-Made Fiber Industries: For wire drawing or winding machines.
    C. In the Wire Industries: doubling twister.
    D. In Cotton Textile Industries: for winding machines.
    E. In the Optical Fiber Industries: winding machines.
    F. Range :0-200CN (0-200g) Optional: 0-300CN, -50 0CN
    G. Resolution : 0.1CN
    H. Accuracy:±1% full scale
    I. U nits: cN
    J. Outrange:approx 10% full scale with out accuracy guarantee
    L. Measuring principle Strain gauge bridge Measuring roller: 0.5 mm
    M. Signal processing Digital 10 bit ADC
    N. Damping Adjustable electronic damp (3 steps). moving aver aging

    Technical Details
    1. Sampling rate : Approx 1 kHz
    2. Display update rate: Approximate 2 times/sec
    3. D isplay:4-digit LCD,20 mm high Temperature r ange:10 45℃
    4. Air humidity: 85% RH. Max.
    5. Auto power of f: Automatically after approx 3 min of non use
    6. Power supply: Two AA Battery (about 50 hours of continuous use)
    7. Housing material: Aluminum profile with outer casing
    8. Housing: 230 X 62 x 46 mm (D x W x H)
    9. W eight net (gross): Approximate 350 g (1020 g)

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